Sunday, December 18, 2011

berangan satu mlam. :D

yesterday I did not know what I write inin. then.suddenly occurred to me Who will I marry. and I hope people will find that I must have this feature. 9 FEATURES WOMEN MEN IDAMAN

1. Adherence to Religion
Women who adhere to the religion has a winning personality. Limitations of the laws that held and protected in his life to uplift the status of a qualified himself as admired by men. He will not do anything contrary to Islamic law. It's lucky any man who married this woman.

2. Internal Beauty
Women are gentle pure in character but with the principles in life. This is the beauty of that sought by many men. If beautiful, tu treated as BONUS.
A woman whose inner beauty will never sell the dignity of herself only to find the name and money. They will never bow to lust or do something just because want of wealth and property.

3. Spoiled
Men like women who are childish, or that is the nature of your child, so that men can play a role as a protector. However, the nature of the child and childish extreme inappropriate because it would reveal her lack of maturity.

4. Clever Keeping Beauty
Men want women who can take care of her beauty. Women and beauty is difficult I separated. They will look more beautiful if making a personal appearance. Men are inherently do want women to know beauty, because it will make them proud.

5. Moral Noble
Women who have high moral standards, also called righteous woman. Women are ornamental world, but the decor is lovely as righteous woman. They are mothers, wives, lovers and is the backbone of the success of her husband.

6. Not Demonstrated Keseksian
Men love to entertain the eye with a look at women's private parts, but do not like to turn it into one's wife for themselves the beauty of women seems tu be exhibits to the eyes of all men.

7. Not Picky
Men like the women who are not picky. Why is that? Because women are picky can easily cause distress and men getting bored with it.Typically, women who love to criticize fussy unhappy with anything even though it is just a small thing.

8. Understanding Men
Women who understand the men usually have a very strong intuition. Men dream of women who could understand the situation in a state of joy and sorrow. In short, without having to speak, he was already able to read her expressions.Thus, the act entertaining or giving strength.

9. Seeing Eye Cold
Women are sweet face and cold eyes looked to reconcile feelings of a man. Characteristics of Women Looking Eyes Cold as this take:
.:: - Polite Satun
.:: - Always sweeten the face
.:: - Always provide honest smile
.:: - Turn off the private parts
.:: - Friendly and welcoming
.:: - Not too jealous
.:: - Respect for others 

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