Sunday, December 18, 2011

4 hari tanpa class .

Four days without a class last week I make right I feel bored. I do not know what I want to do this within four days. Thursday and Friday we all get off because of all the Lecturer is special.Thursday day me and my friends friends plan to go to complete the assignment nestle our farm.we all have to go museum Malay sultanate of Malacca. there, we completed our project. while we took pictures together to make memories.
Finished making assignments, we walked to the plains warrior. Our initial plan to go watch movies. unfortunately we are all not enough money, so we plan to walk the road alone. We walked until we're tired.
Then the next day on Friday, we did not come out. just sit in a room alone. me and my Dorm boys plan to update our room was almost lying.We update a friend bilk up our friends with our strange. Why do we pack up. The new update is finished I saw my room very lawa. we are satisfied with our cleaning job. Then we berpgi to the café for lunch. In the evening we thought there is cocoa. Apparently hbu canceled for the student to take the knight.
On Saturday, me and my friends friends out to go to Alor Gajah. this is because the college has no shops are open. So we had to go out in search of food. we feel resentful when colleges do not take this. we went out and went to the market. we walked in there with my friend the other partners. while waiting for bus to go home I could make my assignment I did last night was.
And Sunday was a bad day to me. I had to face today is unfortunate. I think Sunday will menjdai happy Sunday. apparently all that I thought no way. I want to go eat. Unfortunately all the shops closed. And we ate at 4pm. finally we complained at the warden and that night we went to the market to buy food.


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