Wednesday, November 9, 2011

S.T.O.R.Y .

#all this picture take from tumblr. #tak kne mengena hidup and mati. :D

life life life . sejak dua menjak nie aku asyik pikirkan die je . seyes . and sometimes it make me heart broken . then i play tumblr . and found this picture that make me =='

aku nak die slalu ade kat aku . sometimes .

and aku hoping that person takkan tglkan aku .

but , sometimes im feel like 

and. aku feel like nak mengalah . aku frust menunggu ko . and i drew this lukisan . :D

but aku tak buley lupakan ko .im wait , waiting and waited you.

im tell my friend . but die advice me too

and find another guys at kolej . what !!! ='=

i dont mean it .

and kalau buley aku nak jadi peterpan and mandy .

to be our love forever and never end .

*hahaha ! jadi tak cite aku . tq tumblr . :) to person have A.E.I.O.U  please understand me . :D

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